Friday, August 10, 2012


 It's been 9 months since I first heard the words and 7 months since confirmation of the diagnosis.

I have found a strength inside of me that I didn't know I had. And it has brought me a great sense of peace.

I know what the ugly end stage of this disease looks like, but I will not entertain those thoughts until they get closer to my current reality.
Living in the present and enjoying it is how I am choosing to conduct my life.
It's not that I don't have sad moments, but they are acknowledged, accepted, and then they move on.
 It's not going to get me until it gets me !

I started writing my "bucket list" in January and have now been able to cross two things off. The pictures here are from our recent fabulous trip to Haida Gwaii, the first item on my list.
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  1. Thanks for this, Sheila. Your writing is profound and elegant and it sounds like you're doing all the right things for your emotional, physical, and mental health. Here's to completing more of what's on your bucket list.

    Much love,
    Nora & Larry

  2. Sheila your attitude and strength is amazing, it was a pleasure to meet you and Margaret on holiday, you are a lovely couple and very well matched.

    I wish you all the very best and if you come to the UK again it would be a pleasure to have you both come and stay with me.
    Thanks for your super company and many laughs. (through the round window)

    Much Love Ethel x x
    Did you know why attitude is spelt like this

    A is number 1 in the alphabet = 1
    T is number 20 x three = 60
    I is number 9 = 9
    U is number 21 = 21
    D is number 4 = 4
    E is number 5 = 5

    Total this up it come to .... 100

    That's what you have and need to keep
    your 100 percent POSITIVE Attitude