Monday, December 1, 2014

A Long Awaited Update

It has been nine months since my last entry. Unfortunately, I don't have any bundle of joy to show you.Thankfully, I have little joys every day.

There have been several significant physical changes , I am now in a power wheelchair all day.  My lower legs have lost most of their muscle, so sitting is much safer than standing.  My left shoulder is "frozen" and my left hand drops and does not work anymore.  My right arm and hand will follow suit in   the near future, I am sure. My voice has deteriorated quite a bit mainly there are many letters that i cannot say clearly anymore. It is giving my brain a good workout when someone does not understand me and I have to think of different words to get my idea across.

It amazes me that despite all of these changes I still feel very joyful.  Every day something will happen that makes me happy.  I am not sure where this attitude came from,( I suspect my Mother may have had something to do with it), but it sure makes  the days easier.
I wondered what my body would look like as I started to lose muscle - would I look like a Shar-pei with extremely wrinkled skin ? Not quite.
On instruction, I am trying to keep my caloric intake up.This includes ice cream every day! With my skinny arms and legs and my big belly intact ... if I could stand, I would probably look like Big Bird.

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