Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feeling fine

When people ask me " how are you" I often have the usual reaction and say " fine".  What I really should tell them is that the disease is progressing, but that my heart/soul/spirit is feeling fine.

All my limbs are weakening.  My hands can do very little, my arms are weak and my legs have very diminished strength.  The talking and swallowing muscles are starting to be affected.  I'm also developing some of the other unkind symptoms of this disease -excessive yawning, excess saliva.  The good news is that I had my breathing tested 10 days ago and my FVC was 98%.
The balance center in my brain has been affected.  That, in combination with my weak ankles and legs, has contributed to the three falls and many near misses I have had in the last two months.
But I really do feel " fine".

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